Sr. Claire Rodrigue Tuition Assistance Endowment

The Catholic Foundation recently partnered with Friends of the Rosary family foundation to create a lasting legacy of support for families who desire a Catholic Education at Holy Rosary Catholic School through the Sister Claire Rodrigue Tuition Assistance Endowment.

The families of John and Clara Brady, Brian and Emelie Cheramie and Al and Mary Danos wanted to partner with the Catholic Foundation to ensure the perpetual funding and support of Holy Rosary Catholic School. Through the generosity of many, the Sister Claire Rodrigue Fund has provided tuition assistance for hundreds of children through the years, and it is a true honor for the Catholic Foundation to continue this long-standing legacy.

Today, the Catholic Foundation has the privilege of continue to provide tuition assistance to Holy Rosary , keeping the legacy and vision of John and Clara Brady, Brian and Emelie Cheramie, Al and Mary Danos and their generous families alive. These families have provided the Sister Claire Rodrigue Fund through the Catholic Foundation through bequest and other generous means.

Creating a lasting legacy though the Catholic Foundation is simple and easy and will have a lasting impact o the ministries you choose, much like the Sister Claire Rodrigue Fund. To learn more, contact Amy Ponson at (985) 850-3116 or