Scholarship Fund

What is a Scholarship Fund?

The Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana is proud to support the Catholic Schools across the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux. One way in which you can support Catholic education is to make a gift in support of scholarships for students of today and tomorrow. Scholarships support promising and deserving students by assisting them with the costs of their education.

Donors often establish a scholarship fund because they have benefitted from a Catholic Education in their own life and want to ensure that those same opportunities are available to our future generations. Providing an education rooted in a strong Catholic Identity is what our schools strive for within our diocese. Donors may also establish a scholarship to honor or memorialize friends, teachers, family members, or other loved ones.

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Scholarship Fund

How You Can Support Scholarships

  • Open a Scholarship Fund with a minimum of $10,000  
  • Establish criteria for awarding the scholarship [cannot be restricted for an athlete based on LHA guidelines
  • Choose to provide the scholarship for students in elementary, high school, or college
  • Establish a scholarship fund in a donor’s name, for a particular school

Donor Benefits

  • The Catholic Foundation manages the fund and distributes the award directly to the school on behalf of the recipient(s)
  • Once established, anyone can contribute to a scholarship fund
  • Support educational opportunities, Catholic educational institutions, or a diocesan scholarship program for all schools
  • The Catholic Foundation ensures compliance on your behalf with scholarship rules and regulations as determined by the IRS

To set up a Scholarship

Choose the name of the scholarship, the criteria for the scholarship award, and the amount of the scholarship award. Also, scholarship founder has option to determine if a committee will recommend the scholarship recipient, or whether the scholarship recipient will be chosen by an academic institution.

An individual may continue to donate to the scholarship after the initial donation to establish the fund. And, anyone can donate to the scholarship after it is established.