Existing Funds

Current Endowments maintained by the Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana

Church Parish Funds

  • Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Chackbay
  • St. Joseph CO-Cathedral General Endowment
  • St. Hilary of Poitiers Youth Formation Endowment
  • Sacred Heart, Cut Off Custodial Fund
  • Our Lady of the Rosary Quasi Endowment
  • Our Lady of Rosary Custodial Fund

Educational Endowments

  • Seminarian Education General Endowment
  • James J. Buquet, Jr. Family Foundation Seminarian Endowment
  • Bishop Sam Jacobs Seminarian Education Endowment
  • Giardina Family Foundation Seminarian Education Endowment
  • Msgr. Amedee Seminarian Education Endowment
  • Peltier Foundation Seminarian Endowment
  • Mary and Al Danos Foundation Seminarian Endowment
  • Paul and Laura Duet Seminarian Endowment
  • Jane and John Dean Seminarian Endowment
  • St. Genevieve Catholic School General Endowment
  • Juliette Martinez Adams ED White Scholarship Endowment
  • Vandebilt Study Body Scholarship Endowment
    funds a partial scholarship to a Vandebilt underclassman who meets certain criteria.
  • Brother Alfred Kolb Endowment
    supports excellence in teaching at Vandebilt.
  • Brother Ray Kuhn Endowment
    funds a partial scholarship to a Vandebilt student for their senior year.
  • Gabrielle Hebert Endowment
    funds a scholarship to a graduating senior at Vandebilt.
  • Megan Hitt Endowment
    assists with the Vandebilt Campus Ministry and the Vandebilt Year Book.
  • T.J. Endowment
    funds a partial scholarship to a Vandebilt student based on need.
  • John and Helen Rizzo Scholarship Endowment
    funds tuition assistance to Vandebilt students.
  • Vandebilt General Fund Endowment

Catholic Charities Endowments

  • Breaux-Delaune Catholic Charities Endowment
  • Byron Talbot Catholic Charities Endowment
  • Harold and Gloria Callais Family Catholic Charities Endowment
  • Catholic Charities General Endowment
  • Giardina Family Foundation Catholic Charities Endowment
  • Charlotte Bollinger Family Catholic Charities Endowment
  • Marvin and Loretta Marmande Catholic Charities Endowment
  • Morris and Sandra Hebert Catholic Charities Endowment

Other General Endowments

  • Peltier Foundation Seminarian Endowment
  • Callais Family Priest Retirement Endowment Fund
  • Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana General Endowment