Honor & Memorial Gifts

What are Honor & Memorial Gifts?

Honor and Memorial Gifts can be made in memory of or in honor of your loved ones. Gifts are a terrific ways to share in your blessings ensuring your Catholic beliefs and values continue to live on while also recognizing that living your faith was shared by your loved ones.

In Honor of Gifts not only make a great gift for a loved one’s birthday, graduation, wedding, or other special occasion, but they also provide important financial support to all of our organizations and charities.

To make a Gift

To make an In Memory of Gift or In Honor of Gift please visit our Existing Endowment and Donor Advised Fund page.

From there simply choose a fund you would like to make a donation to and click the Give to this Fund button and select the specific fund. There will be a field available to put the name of the person you wish to remember or honor.