Create your Lasting Legacy

What is a Legacy Gift?

Creating a lasting legacy through a planned gift is a major gift that comes from the donor’s financial or estate planning. Gifts can come from a variety of assets such as appreciated securities or stock, real estate, a retirement plan or even cash. Usually, a legacy gift is made from outside of one’s discretionary income. Some donors are in a position to make the gift (or multiple gifts) during their lifetime, but the most common form of a planned gifts are those through your will or bequest. Planned gifts can offer many benefits to the donor, including tax benefits or the potential for returned income.

The Catholic Foundation is happy to work with you, your family and your professional advisors to offer a variety of ways in which you can support the ministries you care most about. No matter the amount of the gift you make, we have a giving option available to best support your passion within our Catholic faith. Gifts no matter how small or large can make an impact on the lives of others. You can even use a life insurance policy to leave a greater gift than you ever thought possible.

Open a Fund

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Give to an Existing Fund

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Your Plan

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Did you know that anyone can add to an existing fund at any time, in any amount – even if you did not start the fund! Donating to an existing fund is easy, and there are options for everyone:


Donate any amount online or mail a check with the fund name on the memo line. We also accept wire transfers and ACH payments.

Credit Cards

We accept all major credit cards online and over the phone.

Real Estate and Marketable Securities

Transfer securities to The Catholic Foundation – after liquidation, we will deposit the assets into the fund of your choice.

Insurance Policies

Simply designate The Catholic Foundation as the beneficiary and specify the name of the fund.

Life Estate

Allows you to make a gift of your home to benefit your parish, school or favorite Catholic ministry while retaining the full use and rights to the property during your lifetime. This type of planned gift may reduce the donor’s tax liability by avoiding a capital gain and by generating a current charitable deduction. It also removes the property from your estate, thereby reducing or eliminating any estate taxes.

IRA Rollover

Roll over all or a portion of your IRA’s required minimum distribution. If you are 72 or older, you can make a gift of up to $100,000 to support your beloved parish or ministry. You will not pay taxes on any distributions made to The Catholic Foundation.


Designate The Catholic Foundation as a beneficiary in your will and become a member of the Bishop’s Legacy Society