The Legacy of Bishop Dorsonville

Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville

Memorial Campaign



March of 2023 a new chapter for the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux was started with the instillation our fifth bishop, Most Rev. Mario E. Dorsonville. Although he was an auxiliary bishop previously in the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux was the first diocese where he was the sole shepherd leading his flock. His heart and vision quickly set in as he began impacting the lives and hearts of people throughout our diocese.


While his mission became very clear quickly and began to take root in all aspects of ministry, the Lord called him home before he could see the fruits of his labor. Now it is not only the mission of our diocesan team but our humble responsibility to create a legacy which will impact our community not only today, but for years into the future.


Our mission is to create a legacy which is centered around the heart of our beloved bishop both here in our diocese as well as the years of good work he set forth in the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. This ministry will focus on serving the poor and most vulnerable perpetually, with an intentional plan on impacting the Hispanic community and other cultural communities within the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux through Catholic Charites.


Our three phased approach will provide a framework for a clear mission and vision for our Catholic Charities as well as the essential perpetual funding to ensure long term sustainability of key ministries. Our vision is to create an impactful way to ensure Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville’s passion for serving the community will be a perpetual legacy for generations to come.



Phase 1:

Build and Dedicate the

Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville

Catholic Charities Center

Phase 1 Proposal

Phase 2:

Bishop Dorsonville’s Endowed Fund

for Individual & Family Assistance


Phase 2 Proposal

Phase 3:

Multi-Cultural Case 

Coordinator Program


Phase 3 Proposal


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Memorial Campaign

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Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville Memorialization Budget

Phased Project and Plan

Phase One: Build and Dedicate the Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville Catholic Charities Center

Financial Goal: $2,100,000


Timeline: Goal to break ground December 2024

Phase Two: Dorsonville Endowed Fund for Individual and Family Assistance providing perpetual funding for rental and utilities needs for the most vulnerable

Financial Goal: $2,500,000


Timeline: Start endowment immediately for first endowment distribution to be made January 2026

Phase Three: Multi-Cultural Case Coordinator

Financial Goal: $1,500,000 (With support of Federal and State Grants)


Timeline: Launch of Fiscal Year 2026-2027

Memorial Committee


Amy Ponson

Executive Director

Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana

Very Rev. Vic De La Cruz, MCL, JCL

Coordinator for Clergy

Dean of Upper Lafourche Deanery

Pastor of St. Joseph Co-Cathedral

Sister Aracely Lobaton, M.C.S.H.

Director of Hispanic Ministry

Karen David


Catholic Charities

Benjamin Duet, EdD, MBA

Executive Director

Catholic Charities

Mary Riviere

Local Attorney

Friend of Bishop Dorsonville

Mother of Fr. Patrick Riviere