Mission Moment – June 2022

This month as we take time for a “Mission Moment,” we have the pleasure of announcing the establishment of The Caillouet Family Foundation! The foundation is established in two parts via our Catholic Foundation: a perpetual, donor advised fund and a perpetual endowment. Both endowments are initiated by Caillouet Land LLC and the Caillouet Family. We are honored and humbled to partner with the Caillouet Family for their philanthropic vision!

The Caillouet Family Foundation was made in honor of Judge Louis Philip Caillouet (1853-1935) and his wife, Marie Adele Lagarde (1858-1938). Both centuries ago and today, the Caillouet family is an integral part of the Thibodaux and larger-Lafourche Parish community. The Caillouet lineage was built upon Louis and Marie’s 10 children, 20 grandchildren, and 66 great-grandchildren — now touting a family of over 345 direct living descendants! And like many families, the Caillouets have experienced both the highs and lows of life. But they’ve resolved to be grateful for blessings, both big and small, sharing, “Gratitude is an essential part of the Caillouet Family Legacy. It’s about saying ‘thanks and passing it on,’ sharing our blessings with our fellow man — particularly with those in need.”

Beyond a theme of gratitude in the Caillouet family, Chrisitan values and religion, particularly as it pertains to Catholic education, also runs deep. Louis Philip Caillouet was actively engaged in educational and judicial occupations from the time he finished college in 1875 — serving first as a country school teacher, and last as judge of the Court of Appeals. In 1925, Judge Caillouet was made a Knight of Saint Gregory by Pope Pius XI in “recognition by the Holy See of your noble services in behalf of the Church and Christian Education, and a token of grateful appreciation of your eminent virtues as a Christian gentleman and a faithful son of Holy Mother Church.” On behalf of Pope Pius XI, Cardinal Gasparri shared, “We have learned that you, a judge of unquestioned integrity, shining by your examples of a christian life, do even in public affairs safeguard with a strong heart the rights of the church; that you spare no labor to vindicate the good cause; and that concerning Religious orders and especially Catholic schools you have always been and still are deserving of great praise.”

Presumably following in Louis’ deep dedication to his faith, amongst Louis and Marie’s children and grandchildren were four priests and one nun. One of the priests, Monsignor Lucien Caillouet was the Vicar General of the New Orleans Diocese and another, Bishop Abel Caillouet was auxiliary Bishop of the New Orleans Diocese. Their daughter Heloise, a nun, was the Foundress of the Carmelite Monastery in Lafayette. 

Today, Louis and Marie’s descendants are continuing to build upon their legacy of faith, Catholic education, gratitude, and an inherent sense of responsibility to share their blessings. The Caillouet Family Foundation, managed by our Catholic Foundation, is intended to create perpetual and growing endowments that will provide charitable giving forever. The Caillouet Family members all have long-term plans for perpetual giving to ensure their family legacy continues long after they’ve gone.  

We are proud to be in partnership with the Caillouet family. Catholic Foundation Executive Director, Amy Ponson shared, “The Caillouet Family has been an integral part of our local community and diocese for generations. Their faith and values are the driving force behind their family’s philanthropic heart. In working with Tom Durel, Mrs. Brenda Arceneaux, Mrs. Petie Danton, and Patrick Danton, the family began exploring how to use the gifts the Lord has bestowed upon the family, based on their own family values and faith. Their partnership with the Catholic Foundation allows the family to know their funds are managed based on their Catholic beliefs, while ensuring that for generations to come they are able to support the churches, schools, and nonprofits that touch their hearts. Our team at the Catholic Foundation is honored to serve the entire Caillouet Family through the Caillouet Family Foundation.”

To donate to the Caillouet Family Foundation, or one of our many other established endowments, please click here.

Interested in establishing your own lasting legacy with our Foundation? Please contact Executive Director Amy Ponson for a confidential conversation by email at aponson@htdiocese.org or by phone at 985-850-3116.