Faith at Work: Office of Catholic Schools

Faith at Work: Office of Catholic Schools

In celebration of Catholic Schools Week, the Catholic Foundation is honored to work with the diocesan Office of Catholic Schools and provide a grant from the Fr. Willie Todd Foundation for the “Step Up to the Plate” program. Our foundation has played a significant role in supporting Catholic education and providing essentual funding that has a transformative impact on our schools.

The Office of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux is dedicated to serving the ministries within our diocese, with a particular focus on the Catholic schools in our area. They work closely with the school communities to provide the most effective educational experiences for our students. Central to their mission is the formation of young individuals, nurturing their character, and fostering their spiritual, academic, and personal growth. In pursuit of these goals, they have embarked on the “Step up to the Plate,” which focuses on a dining etiquette program for every seventh-grade student under our care. This initiative was made possible through the support of the Catholic Foundation and a grant from the Fr. Will Todd Foundation.

This grant has been instrumental in bringing the dining etiquette program to life for every seventh-grade student. The grant has provided the necessary resources to partner with the Etiquette Center of the South, making this educational enrichment program a reality.

Benefits of the Dining Etiquette Program:

The dining etiquette program holds numerous benefits for our students, both in their personal and academic lives. As we expose our seventh-grade students to dining etiquette skills, they gain the following advantages:

1. Promoting Self-Control and Respect for Others:

By learning dining etiquette, students develop self-control and respect for others. They understand the importance of proper behavior at the table, fostering a sense of consideration and empathy towards their fellow diners.

2. Making Social Situations More Comfortable:

Acquiring dining etiquette skills equips students with confidence in various social situations. They learn the art of engaging in polite conversation, using utensils appropriately, and navigating formal dining settings. This newfound comfort allows students to build connections and navigate social environments with ease.

3. Generating a Good Impression:

Proper dining etiquette enables students to create a positive and lasting impression. By practicing good manners, they leave a mark of refinement and respect in their interactions. This skill set extends beyond the dining table, benefiting students in their future academic and professional endeavors.

4. Driving Future Success:

The dining etiquette program contributes to students’ long-term success by instilling positive behaviors and values. Students who possess proper dining etiquette are more likely to exhibit traits such as self-discipline, respect, and consideration for others. These qualities are essential in personal and professional relationships, leading to greater opportunities and accomplishments.

“With an intense culture of planning, we make every effort to develop everything human in our young people. The dining etiquette training promotes self-control, instills confidence in social situations and teaches positive behaviors, all of which can generate future success and self-actualization. This training has been well received by both students and parents.” Dr. Mark Williams, Superintendent of the Office of Catholic Schools