Faith at Work: Hispanic Ministries

Faith at Work: Hispanic Ministries

In the month of December, our Faith at Work series shines a spotlight on our Hispanic Ministries within the diocese, a vital aspect of our diocese.

Each year the Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana works to secure grant funding for the Hispanic Ministry. Through strategic collaborations with organizations such as Catholic Extension and Catholic Home Mission, the foundation has successfully harnessed essential financial resources. These grants are instrumental in ensuring that the Hispanic community in our diocese receives the support necessary to flourish and thrive.

The significance of this support cannot be understated, particularly for our esteemed bishop, Most Reverend Mario E. Dorsonville. His deep personal connection to the Hispanic Ministry fuels his passion and advocacy for its advancement. Under his guidance and with the steadfast support of the Catholic Foundation, the Hispanic Ministry continues to blossom into a vibrant and inclusive community within our diocese.

The Catholic Foundation’s efforts to seek out and secure grants demonstrate their unwavering commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the Catholic Church. By actively pursuing financial resources, they are instrumental in enabling the Hispanic Ministry to continue its invaluable work of spreading the love, teachings, and values of our faith to the Hispanic community.

As we celebrate the month of December let us recognize the remarkable accomplishments of our Hispanic Ministry. Their dedication, coupled with the vision and passion of Most Reverend Mario E. Dorsonville, serves as a shining example of how we can work together to create a more inclusive and vibrant Catholic Church for all.