Faith at Work – August 2023

Faith at Work – August 2023

For the month of August, we are excited to feature Fr. Eric Leyble in this month’s Faith at Work.

Fr. Eric was born in the coastal city of Tagbilaran in the Province of Bohol, Philippines, in October of 1978, Fr. Eric’s early years were spent just north of the city in a suburban town.

Fr. Eric’s educational journey began at Bohol Wisdom School, a private institution catering to Filipino-Chinese families in their island province. It was during his time at this school that Fr. Eric’s initial interest in priesthood began to blossom. However, it wasn’t until later in life, after completing his college degree and embarking on graduate studies, that he felt a strong calling to enter the seminary and pursue a life of service to God.

Reflecting on his journey towards priesthood, Fr. Eric describes himself as a “late bloomer” in terms of his vocation. The seeds were planted during his kindergarten years, where he attended a Catholic school and was taught by religious sisters. The experience of serving mass at local parishes ignited an attraction to the beauty of liturgy. However, as he progressed through private school education, the environment did not foster his discernment. It wasn’t until after graduating from a local Catholic university and encountering holy priests that Eric’s desire to imitate their lives resurfaced. This realization led him to enter the seminary, where his initial feelings were confirmed through prayer and reflection.

Currently, Fr. Eric serves as the Pastor of St. Genevieve Catholic Church in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Additionally, he holds the role of Vicar for Canonical Affairs at the Pastoral Center and serves as the Administrator of St. Lawrence in Chacahoula, Louisiana. Fr. Eric’s dedication to his parishioners and his desire to meet their needs in terms of stewardship and giving led him to become involved with the Catholic Foundation. “Their support has been instrumental in assisting the church’s outreach programs and projects, as well as providing opportunities for me to leave a lasting legacy in the diocese,” said Fr. Eric.

Fr. Eric mentions, “Working with the Catholic Foundation has been a rewarding experience. The foundation’s staff has been gracious and friendly, offering guidance and assistance whenever needed. Through the foundation, I have been able to collaborate on various projects and organizations, such as hosting planned giving seminars and utilizing the #iGiveCatholic platform to accomplish significant endeavors for both the school and the parish. Moreover, the Catholic Foundation has facilitated legacy gifts through Wills and estate plans, ensuring the long-term sustainability of St. Genevieve.”

When asked why others should consider giving to the Catholic Foundation, Fr. Eric emphasizes the multitude of benefits and fruitful opportunities it provides. Financial contributions are not the only way to support the foundation’s work. Participating in programs, praying for project success, promoting events at one’s parish, and allowing the foundation to assist in planning future legacies are all valuable forms of support.

Fr. Eric Leyble is a testament to the power of faith, service, and the impact one individual can have on a community. Through his work as a priest and his involvement with the Catholic Foundation, Fr. Eric continues to inspire others to contribute to causes close to their hearts and leave a lasting legacy of love and compassion.