Phase 3

Phase 3: Multi-Cultural Case Coordinator Program

Phase three will directly impact our Hispanic communities and culturally diverse population through Multi-Cultural Case Coordination, with a full-time staff member for Catholic Charities. The Hispanic community within our diocese continues to grow exponentially, as well as our Asian, Polish and a multitude of migrant communities. With the Hispanic community being the largest ethnic community in our diocese, we strategically consulted with our Hispanic sisters to evaluate their largest need. Outside of shelter and food, a majority of their requests are centered around assistance with documentation and financial support for their families.


This position will serve as a liaison working directly with the families connecting them with a network of attorneys with our strategic partners, providing direct connections with Individual and Family Assistance, food banks and other key nonprofits for their individualized needs.


Goal for Phase 3: $1,500,000 endowed fund; perpetually funding through the Catholic Foundation at 3-5% annually. Supplemented by state and federal grant funds.

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