CFSL Growth and Impact (Distributions)

Bishop Shelton Fabre and the Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana Board of Directors recently made distributions from established endowments within the Foundation. The Catholic Foundation is a Catholic community foundation established to promote philanthropy, empower priests, and inspire our community. Each year through the support of many gracious donors, endowments for our church parishes, schools and diocesan ministries continues to grow.

These endowments have been invested and managed by the Catholic Foundation with the intent to make an annual distribution to each beneficiary ensuring a consistent annual support of their mission. Members of the Board elected to make distributions of $112,128 to the Diocese for Seminarian education, $44,457 to Catholic Charities and $1,061 to Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Chackbay, based on their collective endowments.

“Since the restructuring of our Foundation just two and a half years ago, the Catholic Foundation has grown in our support of the diocese, seminarian education, Catholic Charities, church parishes and schools. We are proud to be able to make these generous distributions this year in an effort to support the great work of our diocese and Catholic Charities. Every gift through our foundation makes an impact on the lives others continuing to build upon our faith for the good people in our community,” said Ms. Charlotte Bollinger, board chairman.

“Through the mercy of God and the generosity of many people, the Catholic Foundation has grown in an outstanding way in order to support our diocese and our many ministries. Each year the financial gifts we receive from endowments with the Catholic Foundation fund the education of several of our seminarians, support the operations of some church parishes, and funds the impactful work of Catholic Charities, such as our Food Banks and assistance to families who need help. I am grateful for the wonderful work of the Catholic Foundation, and pray for the foundation’s continued success,” said Bishop Shelton Fabre.