The Catholic Foundation Makes Annual Distributions to Ministries – 2023

The Catholic Foundation Makes Annual Distributions to Ministries – 2023

Each July at the beginning of its fiscal year, the Catholic Foundation of South makes its annual distributions from established endowments within the Foundation. The Catholic Foundation is a Catholic community foundation established to promote philanthropy, empower priests, and inspire our community. Each year through the support of many gracious donors, endowments for our church parishes, schools and diocesan ministries continue to grow.

Most Reverend Mario E. Dorsonville along with the Catholic Foundation’s Board of Directors are excited to distribute the interest earned on the endowments in which many donors have entrusted the foundation to manage in support the many restricted ministries within the diocese. More than $150,000 was distributed this July and we hope that these funds will greatly support these ministries. The following are several of the restricted ministries that have chosen to receive this year’s annual distributions:

  • $93,027.61 to the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux for Seminarian Education
  • $38,330.05 to Catholic Charities
  • $7,123.84 to St. Joseph Elementary Catholic School
  • $5,126.23 to Catholic Charities Good Samaritan Food Bank of Thibodaux
  • $5,154.22 to the Works of St. Vincent at St. Joseph Co-Cathedral
  • $4,107.76 to the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux for Priest Retirement
  • $556.56 to Nell Talbot Scholarship


“Because of your generous support, the Catholic Foundation has grown in an outstanding way in order to support our diocese and our ministries. Each year, the endowments with the Catholic Foundation help us to educate several of our seminarians, support the operations of some church parishes, and enable the important works of Catholic Charities to assist the needy in our area. I am grateful for the good work of the Catholic Foundation and for your generosity that makes it possible,” said Most Rev. Mario E. Dorsonville.


For more information about The Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana and how your gifts can support your parish, school or favorite ministry, please contact our office at (985) 850-3116 or