Give, with a Donor Advised Fund

Give, with a Donor Advised Fund

Catholic Community Media, located in South Louisiana, spreads the good news to the local Catholic community and beyond. This mission is made possible through the support of anonymous donors who contribute to the St. Joseph the Worker Donor Advised Fund, facilitated by the Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana. These generous donations enable individuals to support organizations that hold personal meaning to them.

Andy Shinskie, the Director of Development and Outreach for Catholic Community Media, expressed deep gratitude for the anonymous donors’ contribution. Their support has had a profound impact on the Houma Diocese and has garnered immense local support. Andy stated, “This generous gift reinforces our positive impact in the community and demonstrates the wonderful support we receive. We appreciate the trust that the Catholic Foundation and the anonymous donors have placed in our organization to continue our mission and bring the good news to the community.”

The Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana goes beyond financial assistance, empowering donors to create a lasting difference in their community. Although the distribution from the Foundation did not directly leverage additional funding for the radio station, its immeasurable impact remains highly valued. Catholic Community Media expressed their gratitude.

Catholic Community Media’s broadcasts have transformed the lives of its listeners, as exemplified by inspiring success stories. One such story is that of Albert Dupont from Kenner, LA, who converted to the Catholic faith after tuning into their 690AM station in New Orleans. This narrative, among many others, highlights the profound influence Catholic Community Media has on individuals seeking spiritual guidance.

Andy summed up the impact of the Catholic Foundation’s support with a quote: “Thanks to the very generous donation of $5,000 from the St. Joseph the Worker Donor Advised Fund, facilitated by the Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana, Catholic Community Media can continue to bring quality Catholic content to South Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.”