Faith at Work: Fr. Rusty Bruce

Faith at Work: Fr. Rusty Bruce

The Catholic Foundation, along with the unwavering support of parishioners, play a crucial role in providing the necessary support for St. Hilary of Poitiers’ youth ministry program. This program, which is reigniting within its parish, is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our entire community.

Fr. Rusty Bruce, pastor of St. Hilary shared, “I am deeply honored and grateful that previous pastors have recognized the importance of youth ministry and have made it a priority to continue its growth. Their vision and leadership have paved the way for the revival of this vital program. The St. Hilary Youth Formation Endowment is a remarkable opportunity for anyone to contribute and leave a lasting legacy to our church. It is through this endowment that we can ensure the sustainability and longevity of our youth ministry efforts. By contributing to this fund, individuals can make a profound impact on the faith formation and spiritual growth of our young parishioners. I encourage everyone who shares our passion for youth ministry and the future of our church to consider contributing to the St. Hilary Youth Formation Endowment. Your support will not only empower our young parishioners but will also leave a lasting impact on our community and the Catholic faith.”

The partnership between the Catholic Foundation and St. Hilary parishioners is truly instrumental. Our combined support provides St. Hilary with the resources, guidance, and financial assistance needed to offer enriching programs and opportunities for our youth. Together, we are creating an environment where young people can deepen their faith, grow in their relationship with God, and become active participants in the parish community.

Together, let us continue to nurture the next generation of faithful leaders and inspire them to live out their faith with joy and purpose.


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