The Catholic Foundation Makes Annual Distributions to Ministries – 2022

The Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana (CFSL) made its annual grant distributions this month, exceeding more than $1.3 million in grant distributions in the past five years for restricted ministries. As a Catholic community foundation, CFSL was established to promote philanthropy, empower priests, and inspire our community. Each year through the support of many gracious donors, endowments for our church parishes, schools and diocesan ministries continue to grow.

The Catholic Foundation’s Board of Directors is excited to distribute the interest earned on the endowments in which many donors have entrusted the foundation to manage in support of the many restricted ministries within the diocese. More than $580,000 was distributed this July and we hope that these funds will greatly assist these ministries, especially after the challenges we have faced these past two years. The following are several of the restricted ministries that have received annual distributions this year:

  • $269,137.70 to the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux for seminarian education
  • $103,096.46 to Catholic Charities
  • $37,561.62 to Edward Douglas White Catholic High School
  • $19,111.61 to St. Joseph Elementary Catholic School
  • $16,220.72 to Vandebilt Catholic High School
  • $14,014.24 to Catholic Charities Good Samaritan Food Bank of Thibodaux
  • $14,006.63 to the Works of St. Vincent at St. Joseph Co-Cathedral
  • $13,135.59 to Assisi Bridge House with Catholic Charities
  • $13,105.44 to the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux for priest retirement
  • $1,502.16 from Nell Talbot Legendre granted to St. Gregory Catholic Elementary
  • $1,476.95 to St. Hilary of Poitiers for youth formation
  • $2,865.65 to Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Chackbay
  • $690.90 to St. Genevieve Catholic School
  • $624.30 to St. Joseph Co-Cathedral


“Supporting our parishes, schools and ministries within the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux is the primary mission of our foundation. It is with great honor that our foundation has earned the trust of thousands of our Catholic faithful to build a legacy of these ministries and support their efforts perpetually. While we are proud of making these distributions, we know that to whom much is given, much is expected. These funds are the gifts of our parishioners, and we are honored to continue to see these gifts grow and support the good works of the church year after year. We sincerely thank our Catholic faithful for trusting in us and allowing our foundation to continue to live out their beautiful legacy,” said Amy Ponson, executive director.

For more information about The Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana and how your gifts can support your parish, school or favorite ministry, please contact our office at (985) 850-3116 or