What is a Stewardship Plan?

The Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana works directly with church parishes developing their individual stewardship plans and providing key resources for parishes to utilize in developing a strong stewardship base in their parishes. Stewardship encompasses intentional planning of how to give of the Lord’s blessings through prayer, ministry and finance.


The CFSL Stewardship Plan can provide the following resources to our church parishes:

  • Webinars for priests and parish staff
  • Weekly bulletin aids
  • Monthly stewardship newsletter
  • Annual stewardship parish materials

The Catholic Foundation works hand in hand with church parishes in developing their stewardship plans. We work with parishes, and parishioners by promoting and facilitating stewardship practices and securing the financial resources to support, sustain and enhance diocesan and parish priorities. Working together we will build a strong culture of stewardship across our diocese that focuses on building the kingdom of God.

The Catholic Foundation provides resources and tools to parishes to implement stewardship in their parishes.