Mission Moment – May 2022

Our Catholic faith teaches us that our “mission” is a lifelong journey to get to heaven, and our relationships either help or hinder that mission. At the Catholic Foundation, we’re creating partnerships to enhance both the mission of our Foundation and the missions of the church parishes we service.  This month, our “Mission Moment” focuses on a ministry that is very close to the Foundation’s heart and core mission. Over the past five years, our Foundation has worked with Msgr. Egbi, pastor of St. Lucy and St. Luke — the two African American churches within our diocese — to provide a stewardship offertory program to help bring the church parishes to financial sustainability. In addition, our Foundation also has facilitated grant funding to support the priest’s salary, general parish operations, and their Youth Formation.

But at the Catholic Foundation, our work is never done. We firmly believe in being a continued asset and reliable partner for all of our diocesan priests and parishes. Most recently in the wake of Hurricane Ida and with the assistance of Archbishop Fabre, our Foundation partnered with the regional Knights and Ladies of Peter Claver Councils, who have helped to provide financial aid for the next six to twelve months for both parishes — all through the Catholic Foundation’s partnerships, vision, and relationships. Connecting people to the mission is what we do best, ensuring their joy of giving continues through God’s great generosity and prayer.

When asked about how the Catholic Foundation has impacted his parishes, Msgr. Egbi shared, “We would like to thank the Catholic Foundation and Archbishop Fabre for their concern and relentless efforts to advocate for our needs at our parishes. We cannot adequately thank Archbishop Fabre and the Foundation team for that. These donations have been a great support to our recovery efforts.” 

Msgr. Egbi also acknowledged the benefit of our Foundation in preparing the St. Lucy and St. Luke parishioners to sustain their own community. He shared, “I am happy to say that the parishioners are aware of their situation and are not leaving any stone unturned, but are making every effort to raise funds according to their own capacity and capability, driven by prayer. It is gratifying to know that their efforts are yielding positive results for the glory of God. I am more impressed at the fact that our parishioners take great ownership in their church and support it. Once again our hearts go out to the Foundation and to all those who are making sacrifices for us with love and gratitude.”

For our team at the Foundation, being able to offer support to church parishes like St. Lucy and St. Luke, and to see that support make an immediate difference in real time has been such a reward and blessing. As Proverbs 11:25 teaches us, “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” If your heart calls you to refresh others, and you are able to, we humbly ask that you consider supporting a ministry such as St. Luke and St. Lucy — the work we are able to complete at the Catholic Foundation is done so via the generosity of our local community members and their gifts. To make a difference in your community today, please visit our website to learn more about our different types of gifts and giving: https://www.catholicfoundationsl.org/giving-services/