Congratulations, Evan Adams, on the Roman’s Quiet Courage Virtue Award!

Congratulations, Evan Adams, on the Roman’s Quiet Courage Virtue Award!

The Catholic Foundation is delighted to announce its partnership with the Roman Robichaux Foundation in presenting the Roman’s Quiet Courage Virtue Award to Evan Adams, an exceptional 11th grader at Vandebilt Catholic High School. Evan’s unwavering dedication to his faith and his outstanding achievements make him a deserving recipient of this recognition.

Evan’s commitment to serving God is evident through his role as an altar server for priests and the late Bishop. Being on the altar during Mass and worship brings immeasurable joy to Evan, surpassing even his love for playing the euphonium/baritone in the school band. His passion for serving on the altar reflects his deep-rooted faith and his desire to bring the teachings of the Catholic Church to his school community.

Beyond his religious involvement, Evan’s diverse interests and talents shine through. He is an avid botany aficionado, sharing pictures of his beautiful plants and expressing a keen interest in landscaping the school campus to enhance its beauty and create a welcoming environment through God’s creations. In addition, Evan is a dedicated leader in the band, offering guidance and assistance to his fellow bandmates while maintaining a humble and approachable demeanor.

Evan’s faith permeates every aspect of his life, whether at school, at home, or in his co-curricular activities. He exemplifies the beatitude, “Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God.” Evan approaches every sacrament and the teachings of the Church with utmost sincerity and strives to be free from sin, believing that he must be worthy to stand on the altar alongside the priests and the Bishop. His genuine love for all of God’s creations and his unwavering commitment to the teachings of the Church make him a true role model for others.

Evan’s involvement extends beyond Vandebilt Catholic High School. He actively serves at St. Francis De Sales as an altar server, including serving as a Pontifical Server for Bishop Dorsonville and participating in the Bishop’s funeral Mass. His musical talent is recognized through his participation in the Terrier Regiment for marching and concert season, qualifying for several honor bands, and performing with the Houma-Thibodaux Community Band. Furthermore, Evan contributes to the school community through his involvement in set construction and design with VC Theatre, as well as his participation in clubs such as the STEM Club, Photography Club, Yearbook Staff, and Junior National Honor Society.

Congratulations, Evan, on this well-deserved recognition. Your unwavering faith, exceptional talents, and dedication to serving others make you an outstanding recipient of the Roman’s Quiet Courage Virtue Award. May you continue to inspire others with your exemplary character and continue to make a positive impact in the world around you.