Announcing: Fr. Willie Todd Donor Advised Fund

Serving the community has been a lifelong commitment by Rev. Wilmer ‘Willie’ Todd that has gone above and beyond his ordination to the priesthood. During his time as a priest Fr. Todd served in many positions: a counselor at school, principal at both Holy Cross Elementary and Central Catholic High School, board member on a number of boards including Terrebonne General Medical Center, and lastly as a pastor at a number of parishes within the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux. Fr. Todd was ordained in 1963 and served as a priest for 55 years.

Through his life he has witnessed schools and church parishes needing financial support to start new programs to help their ministries grow. Fr. Todd saw a great need for growing funds for the community he has served through his entire career, which lead him to creating an endowed Donor Advised Fund with the Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana.

The Fr. Willie Todd Donor Advised Fund allows Fr. Todd to continue to make contributions to his fund and recommend grants to the organizations he chooses each year. Partnering with the Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana allows Fr. Todd the flexibility and simplicity of giving to the any non-profit in which he chooses. In addition, Fr. Todd has involved a small board of community members to be involved in his philanthropy and deciding which grants to recommend.