Support Your Parish

We’ve emptied our pews to keep our parishioners safe, but our church parishes are still in need of your help! We are relieved that our wonderful parishioners are staying safe in their homes while social distancing, but as a result, our in-mass offertory collections have come to a total halt. 

Your generous donations support your parish’s mission to serve you. Your gifts help keep our parishes alive, thriving, and our parish operational expenses covered. We encourage you to take time, visit your parish websites and Facebook pages to see their great work continued in a virtual environment and please consider supporting your parish so they can continue to support YOU! Without the support of our parishioners, our parishes will struggle.

We humbly and prayerfully ask, if your family is able to, to consider continuing your donations to your church parish during these uncertain times.

To donate, click on the name of your church parish in the list below. Prefer to make a donation by check or with cash? You can always mail your donation directly to your church of choice. A list of all church parishes in our diocese can be found here. Thank you for your generosity and continued support of our church parishes! May God bless you and your loved ones, and be a beacon of hope and light during this time.

Thibodaux/Upper Lafourche Area