Congratulations, Riley Dufrene, on the Roman’s Quiet Courage Virtue Award!

Congratulations, Riley Dufrene, on the Roman’s Quiet Courage Virtue Award!

The Catholic Foundation is honored to partner with the Roman Robichaux Foundation in presenting the Roman’s Quiet Courage Virtue Award to Riley Dufrene, a remarkable 7th grader at St. Mary’s Nativity School. Riley’s unwavering commitment to his Catholic faith is evident through his active participation in school and Sunday parish Masses. He takes ownership of his actions and constantly strives for personal growth and improvement.

Riley’s compassionate heart sets him apart. He goes above and beyond to support and be present for his peers and younger students, brightening their lives with his kindness. Riley actively engages with his church community, exemplifying the beatitude “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit.” He attends Mass with his family, volunteers for various tasks, and understands his need for a higher power in his life.

During a period of mourning after the loss of a grandparent, Riley sought spiritual counseling, demonstrating humility and reliance on God during difficult times. Despite the impulsive behavior often seen in middle school, Riley accepts responsibility for his actions with honesty and self-reflection. He sets high standards for himself based on his commitment to living according to Jesus’ teachings.

Riley’s interactions with peers and teachers have transformed, as kindness and friendliness guide his actions. His community service includes leading Vacation Bible School, volunteering at Sunday Mass, and participating in sports with humility and leadership qualities. Riley’s joy is evident when he sees the support of his teachers at sporting events.

Looking ahead, Riley expresses interest in running for a Student Council office, displaying his readiness to make a positive impact on his school community. The Catholic Foundation and the Roman Robichaux Foundation are honored to recognize Riley as the recipient of the Roman’s Quiet Courage Virtue Award. His unwavering faith, compassion, and commitment to living according to Jesus’ teachings inspire us all. Congratulations to Riley on this well-deserved recognition, and we anticipate his continued growth and impact as a Catholic young man.