Building a Legacy for your Catholic School

The Catholic Foundation is proud to partner with Edward Douglas White Catholic High School (E.D. White) to establish the school’s Legacy Society focused on three key areas: Tuition Assistance, Professional and Academic Development, and Facilities Improvements.

E.D. White has been blessed to have the support of its community members for years, and year after year the school benefits from the time, talent and treasure of its parents, grandparents, alumni and community leaders. In an effort to begin to build a strong legacy for the future of E.D. White and the students of the school, E.D. White has established these three legacy endowments to begin to build a legacy that will fund future needs of the school.

While annual gifts are a crucial lifeline to any organization, especially E.D. White, we ask that you look to the future, where you may wonder what will happen to the programs made possible through your gifts once you are gone. How can you make your generosity continue today and forever?

One option is to make a gift in your will or trust to E.D. White’s endowments, or create a new named endowment for the school of your own choice.

 Here’s an example of how that could work.

Let’s say Mr. Thibodaux makes an annual donation of $1,000 and would like to continue his support after his lifetime. His estate planning attorney suggests that Mr. Thibodaux include a provision in his will to fund an endowment with a gift of $25,000. Once funded, we will use a portion of the endowment each year to fund the program of Mr. Thibodaux’s choice. The remainder is reinvested, which allows it to grow and support annual payouts indefinitely. This generous arrangement replaces Mr. Thibodaux’s $1,000 annual gift after his lifetime.* As a result, E.D. White (or the school of your choice) receives the benefit of Mr. Thibodaux’s generosity forever.

*assuming 4 percent ($1,000) is used by the fund annually

 Give in Their Name

You can use an endowment gift to honor someone important to you who appreciates the work of the school and Catholic education. Consider designating your endowment in his or her name as a way to celebrate the connection to E.D. White Catholic High School.

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